Weekend Wanderings: Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, Dubrovnik will look familiar as the setting for King’s Landing. But it was also the setting for scenes in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film so in addition to GoT tours, Star Wars fans can also partake in a walk around the sci-fi city.

Dubrovnik has arguably put Croatia on the map since Game of Thrones took off. Obviously it’s always been as spectacular as it is now but it has become a destination so gets busier in the summer months. Here are a few popular activities as well as lesser known spots.

1. The Walls – Naturally we did this in the afternoon when it was the hottest part of the day (not recommended). The old fortified walls run around the city and offer views of the sea of water as well as a sea of terracotta roofs. People have laundry lines running from their house up to the wall, nbd. You need a ticket to start up the wall but there are a few different exits along the way if you reach your fill. There are also a couple of cafes along the way but not many so bring some water with you on a hot day.

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Weekend Wanderings: Belfast, Northern Ireland

I’ve been doing a lot of UK-local travel lately (and by a lot I mean two places but let’s exaggerate for a good story) because I had to renew my passport and thought it would take forever but actually only took a week! Anyways, I really wanted to go to Belfast because of the Titanic museum and the Giant’s Causeway but that was all I knew to see in Belfast.

I was pleasantly surprised though, you can easily fill a weekend there! I found more to do there than in Dublin and the food was amazing! Granted, we did a day tour out to Giant’s Causeway and along the coast for some Game of Thrones themed visits but even if you aren’t a GoT fan, the tour company runs basically the same tour and sites without the overlay of filming fun facts.

Here are some cool things we learned and tasty things we ate while in Northern Ireland:

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